Aaarrghh: Project and Task Management

aaarrghh is a tool to help manage projects and tasks via restructrueText and git. For details on why restructuredText and git were chosen, read the Accepting Insanity

aaarrghh assists in managing the documentation generated when working on projects and tasks. It creates new projects and tasks, marks them as “finished”, and handles updating a Recent Changes list.

The structure for aaarrghh documentation is fairly simple and inflexible [1]. Each project or task consists of one .rst file. These are devided into subdirectories based on the company that the project is for. Each company has an associated .rst file that is the table of contents for projects and tasks for said company. The TOCs of all the companies are consolidated into a main index.rst. The main index.rst aslo contains a recent changes sidebar listing the documents that have changed recently. There is space in the main index.rst to add additional documentation which pertains to the management process as a whole. More details can be found in the Design Document.



[1]One day I would like aaarrghh to be more flexible woth the documentation it can handle. Help very welcome.

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